Ordine degli Architetti di Genova


The OAPPC logo ” Order of Architects , Planners , Landscapers and Curators ” of the province of Genoa , it appeared in the original version with a failure to read the wording in full for the presence of a font is difficult to manage and slightly marked , which entailed the risk of a complex reading, especially in reductions of the brand and its uses.

The need for the image makeover prompted to look for a different balance between the search for a new font commensurateto the relationships between the various elements , which have been redesigned to eliminate also the deformations caused by reproductions made in time .

In the new version it wanted to make some changes to improve the overall visual quality and to give greater importance to the use of the declination of the logo and its usability .

CLIENT: Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti e Conservatori di Genova
YEAR: 2016
Italian Fairy – New York (USA)